Do you want to make more money on your conference with no investment?

Do you know how to get more “warm” contacts for your future sales?

Would you be happy to continue making money on the event after it's finished?


Let ConferenceCast do everything: video shooting, editing, description, tagging, promotion, and sales.

Just contact us, and we will take care of all the processes

Sell everywhere On the ConferenceCast.tv, on your website via our widget or your branded video-aggregator.

Sell to everybody To your customers, to the users of ConferenceCast, to partner communities. Launch promotion programs and increase your sales. Contact us, and we will share for free how to sell video more effectively.

Generate leads Convert each viewer or even website visitor into your asset. Collect contacts and use ads tracking pixels for future promotional campaigns.

Get maximum from your video Make more money by creating own video portal using our white-label solution. Build robust offerings that people will be happy to buy: subscription, thematic collection, discounts for loyal customers.

Don’t record video? Not a problem Book our videographers or professionals of our partners, and they will do everything on the highest level. Don’t have a budget? Let’s discuss co-investment options. Learn more.


Tell us about your conference

What is your topic, hashtags, program? Who are your speakers? What are the venue and the date? Ticket price? Are you planning to record presentations? Do you need any assistance with that?


Provide us your videos

Choose any convenient way to provide video records. Let us take care of all pre-sale preparations: uploading, description, and all necessary preparations for selling it. We will send you a notification when it’s ready. Go to your online personal dashboard, and check sales statistics. If you don’t have videos, book our professional videographers.


Implement the widget

Place the widget with a “shop window” on the conference website. It fits any design. Contact us, and we will help to set it up if it’s needed. Your videos will be published on ConferenceCast automatically.


Announce it!

Tell your customers that they can watch the talks recordings now. Send them a newsletter!


You nailed it! Get your money!

Watch your sales statistics in your online personal dashboard. Get your money every month or request withdrawal whenever you want.


And you have recorded video*

If you want to sell the videos

You will get:

of sales via your website


of sales via Conferencecast.tv

Do you want to build your own video portal?
Let us know, and we help to build it

And you have recorded video*

You will pay:

• fixed price for hosting videos per year OR

• for each user who accessed your video

Reach out to us to learn more

Do you need to record your conference talks?

Option 1


1 day of shooting (up to 10 hours), 1 room

1 camera (filming a speaker close up), a deck, capturing sound from an audio console

Editing, cutting by talks, on-screen graphics

Option 2


1 day of shooting (up to 10 hours), 1 room

2 cameras (close up of a speaker, a scene), a deck, capturing sound from an audio console

Editing, cutting by talks, on-screen graphics

How to calculate the cost

Final Price = Selected Option * Number of Days * Number of Halls (streams)
e.g., $2,199 (Option 1) * 2 * 3 = $13,194

Send us a request, and we will give you all the details on how you can make money on videos

About us

We have been digitizing conferences and different types of business events helping them to increase the revenue by up to 30% in Western and Eastern Europe and the U.S. for a decade.

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Kirill Rozhkovsky
founder and a serial entrepreneur
Dennis Zhuravlev
partner, CTO and IT-entrepreneur
Tanya Shevchenko
head of operations
Svitlana Rahimova
partner and bizdev in the US
Nikolay Ovchinnikov
a designer and art director

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